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3 Cheap Sofa Beds

Most of the homeowners want to buy sofa beds at cheap rate so that they can save some money for future. Besides they may have to change the model after a few days later so it is wise to buy cheap sofa beds. But best sofa bed which is cheap might not be full of qualities and in this case you may face problems of back pain using them. Here are three cheap sofa beds and their specification has been given in details: 

1.   Lincoln Park Sofa Bed :

In the market places the cheap sofa beds are not so available as futon shop has. It is a very cheap rated sofa in the consumer market. Average users of cheap sofa beds use these futon sofa beds mainly. It is easy to covert from sofa to bed which is very complex in other sofa beds. Just pull the back of the sofa to the surface of the sitting position and remove the sitting part a little from its position. Now both the back part and sitting part make together and it is ready for sleeping as bed. The price of Lincoln Park Sofa Bed is $879.99 that is under the buying ability of general people.

2.   Double Sofa Lounger Bed Couch: 

The double sofa bed is a black color sofa beds and it has double mattress over it for sitting. If you wish for sleeping then pull the upper mattress of the sofa and spread it on the ground. Then it becomes a bed for your sleeping. But they are not so smart as the futon sofa and easily be used and designed very poor way. The prices of this cheap sofa bed is Is not more than 25.99 Euros which is under peoples budget.  

3.   IKEA Friheten Sofa bed :

This is the same type of futon sofa beds where you can sit as sofas. But when you need so sleep or remove your back pain you can make it bed. It’s a new technology system that can easily be covert from sofa to bed. It has extra large mattress that can allow more peoples for sleeping. The price of this sofa bed is only $749 that is a little bit cheap for buying for its users.

Now a days these futon sofa beds has brought many new models at a very cheap prices. So anyone can buy them for their personal uses. The workers now get relief from their back pain using these sofas.

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